Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Humlog ordinary log hain--Aam Janta--The Mango People"

Mohit Chauhan has undoubtedly become my favourite singer. I am not qualified/knowledgeable enough to comment intelligently on what is good about his singing, so if I can use that much bandied term, I would just say his voice is soulful and connects with you at some level.

It certainly helps that he has got some of the best songs to have come out of Bollywood in recent time. I credit Rahman for bringing him full throttle in Bombay films when he gave him the opportunity for that stirring rendition of the song Khoon Chala in Rang De Basanti. ( I remember watching this movie in Alpana theatre, Model Town , Delhi and felt that the effectiveness of the scene of police lathicharge was elevated to a different plane because this song accompanied it.). Even though his song "Sabse Picche Hum Khade" was used in the 2004 movie "Let's Enjoy", how many people really watched that movie?(6, including the director and producer? :-))

Then came Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met and he started getting his due share of recognition.

Masakalli from Delhi 6 brought out a different playful side of him.

And then comes Ye Dooriyan from Imtiaz Ali's contemporary take on relationships and love "Love Aaj Kal"

(Last scene where Saif comes to meet Deepika is so touching..
I can't help but provide a running commentary of that scene...

Deepika is in workman's clothes, painting an old fort like building..she is in old building renovation ...She is on a platform at a height close to the ceiling ....
Camera is on Deepika's face and then Saif's voice comes..
"Dekho main pile on nahin karana chahta huun"
Deepika looks down and finds Saif...Camera is on Saif's face and he says
"Magar yeh Romeo Aur Juliet, Heer ranjha, Laila Majnoo - yeh janam janam ka saath type ke log - yeh sirf kahaniyon mein hote hain, right?"
Camera back to Deepika's face for a fleeting moment and then back to Saif and he continues..
"Tum aur main..humlog ordinary log hain...aam janta--the mango people--humein marke amar nahin hona hai...humein saath rahana hai...isi janam mein saath rahna hai...kya bolti ho?"

Camera on Deepika and she says
"Angle naya hai...mujhe lagta hai..ise aur discuss karna chahiye"..
Saif-"Tum hamesha correct baat bol deti hai Jaaneman"
Deepika-"To main neeche aa jaaon"
Saif-"Aa jao kyonki yeh long distance relationship chalta hi nahin hai"

And then camera on Deepika..she breaks down..and Mohit Chauhan' voice takes over
"Kaha bhi na mene
Nahi jeena mene
Tu jo na mila
Tujhe bhule se bhi na
Bola na mene chahun fasla

Bas fasla rahein
Ban ke kasak jo kahen
Ho aur chahat yeh jawan
Teri meri mit jaani hai dooriyan
Begani hai dooriyan

Hat jani dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan"

And then Deepika-"Dekhte hi rahoge"
Saif-"Dar lag raha hai....toot na jaoon"
Deepika-"Tod Do".....(Just too good)

I just love this movie...Imtiaz Ali specializes in the RomCom genre..Romance Comedy...though the comedy part is a little less than Jab We Met..but is more than compensated by scenes like this and the intelligent, fresh dialogues
(Other favorites are the break up scene
Saif-"Tumne mere mail ka jawab nahin diya, tum kabhi call nahin karte, jhagde shikayat"
Deepika-"Aur kiske liye..Tum to ho nahin mere saath accha part hai, woh nahin hai...lekin jo problems hote hain"
Saif-"Yeh karo woh mat karo"
Deepika-"Woh sab hain"
Deepika-"Main stress nahin banana chahti"
Saif-"Of course"
Deepika-"Especially because itna acchha tha hamare bich"
Saif-"Oh God..past tense...tha.."

The scene after the song "Chor Bazari"..
Depika is visibly drunk and Saif is dropping her
Deepika-"Main chali jaaongi"
Saif-"Kisi aur ke ghar chali gayi to..koi faayda utha sakta hai"
Deepika-"Tabhi ghar tak chhodne aa rahe ho..haan"
Saif-"Faayda hona hi hai to mera ho jaaye" ...hilarious

And Deepika saying to Chowkidar,"thank you bhaiya" and then "maar dalegi firangan" :-)

"Kaun dekha,Kaun dekha,Kaun dekha,Kaun dekha, Kaun dekha,koi nahin..."

"yeh old building ka restoration karti hai..fresco,tum jante ho na fresco""Nahin main sirf disco jaanta huun" :-))

p.s.:-- The song Yeh Dooriyan is written by one of my favourite song writers Irshad Kamil

My old post on Irshad Kamil

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