Thursday, December 10, 2009

Song in My Mind

Euphoria's Sone De Maa

Indian Pop

My lines on this song from the above post---

Before Kya Itna Buraa Huun Maan(TZP) and Lukka Chuppi(from RDB) by Prasoon Joshi , these were some of the best lines written on that atavistic wish which everyone feels after frustrations, struggles of adult life to get back to his childhood, to let someone else care for "aanta, daal ka bhaav", to keep doing what one likes, to just sleep at leisure without the rude alarm clocks waking you up and deadlines to be taken care of, to be simple again, to be a child again, to let the Pleasure Principle of Id rule you without being quietened either by the realities of Ego or ethics/morals of Super-Ego, neither to feel pressurized to catch up with workaholics in weekdays nor succumbing to peer pressure of "having to do the in-things" on weekends

Id, Ego, Super-Ego on wiki

When it was used in the soundtrack of Shootout at Lokhandwala, the lines were something like this

lyrics of Sone De Maa

Ho Maa, Ho Maa, Ho Maa
Teri Kahaani Mein Jita Tha Beta Tera
Tu Hi Bata Maa Kya Jhuta Tha Kissa Tera

Aansu Baha Na Maa, Ik Din Yeh Hona Hi Tha
Lamha Lamha Jita Jahaan, Ladate Ladate Main Thak Gaya
Sone De Maa Main Nahi Jeena - 3
Sone De Maa, Sone De Maa

Kabse Hai Tumane Maa Aawaaz Di Na Koyi
Kabse Andheron Mein Ghar Mera Khoya Kahin
Sadiya Huyi Tere Aanchal Mein Soya Nahin
Lori Koyi Phir Se Suna
Chalate Chalate Main Thak Gaya
Sone De Maa Main Nahi Jeena - 2
Sone De Maa Nayyo Jeena
Sone De Maa

Aakhari Angadaayi, Nind Mujhe Aayi
Dheere Dheere Dhundala Sama
Hasate Hasate Abb Kar Vida
Sone De Maa Main Nahi Jeena - 2
Sone De Maa Nayyo Jeena
Sone De Maa

Sone De Maa Main Nahi Jeena
Sone De Maa Nayyo Jeena
Sone De Maa

Teri kahaani mein sacchayee jeeti sada,
Tu hi bata maa kya jhootha wo wishwaas tha,

Bikhri kyon maa mere sapna ka sansaar tha,
Lamha-lamha dhokha naya,
Tanha-tanha main thak gaya.

Sone de maa ab na jeena * 4

Sapna jo toota bhi, dekho main roya nahin,
Saaya jo toota bhi, khud ko main bhoola nahin,
Sadiyaan hui tere aanchal mein soya nahi.
Lamha-lamha jeeta jahaan,
Tanha-tanha main thak gaya.

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