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Music and especially background music serves a different purpose in ads than in movies.
In movies where you are not constrained by time limits, background music helps to clarify and accentuate whatever is happening on screen. If you could somehow mute the dialogues and just listen to background music while watching many of Bollywood movies, you can probably catch most of the significant things in the movie. Remember that overused Saxophone tune which was used to ratchet up the sensuality of the scene when the heroine used to get out of the swimming pool.

This is the opening scene from Chariots of Fire for which Vangelis won the Academy Award for original soundtrack composed.

I am quoting from Internet

"Rapid heart-beat synthesizer rhythm is descended upon by that legendary piano melody that was a top 40 hit. An endorphin rush, a natural high is what I always feel as the sounds from this track circulate through my body and mind.

"Vangelis' electronic score for a film set in 1930s Britain seemed an odd match at first, but the title theme, with its echoing, manipulated rhythm box and melodic hook, became one of the most popular theme songs of the early '80s. Just hearing the opening 30 seconds conjures up -- for those who have seen the film -- shots of men running on the beach in slow motion, and has been borrowed, adapted, and ripped-off ever since.",,179870,00.html

(BTW,this tune was copied in the song "Main Teri Huun Janam" from "Khoon Bhari Maang".So even if you haven't heard the original tune, it will be familiar to you if you have heard that song.)

In advertisements, there is not much of a scope for character growth, plot development. So, the aim is to create an arresting tune and catchy music.
Intel's Intel Inside campaign is the best example of it

Wikipedia says this about this tune

"The famous "D♭ D♭ G♭ D♭ A♭" jingle, sonic logo, tag, audio mnemonic (MP3 file of sonic logo) was produced by Musikvergnuegen and written by Walter Werzowa from the Austrian 1980s sampling band Edelweiss."

I wrote this post not because I wanted to bore you with above details, but to give you five of the best jingles I have heard in Indian TV ads.

1.)Awesome Limca Ad featuring sushma Reddy and Niketan Madhok
Ad agency is O & M (Ogilvy & Mather)
sung by Caralisa Monteiro
composed by R. Anandh

Fuhaarein, bauchharein, nazaaare chura lo na,
Kuch boondein chura lo na
Thaki si zindagi se,
Ruki si zindagi se
Kuchh lamhein chura lo na
Kuch yadein aur sapne, apne chura lo na
Ruki si zindagi se
Thaki si zindagi se
Raftaarein chura lo na
Luka chhipi kelhti hain bhid mein hazaron kaliyan
Galiyon mein yun bhid banke chhup gayin hain sari khushiyan
Khushiyon ko bula lo na
Muskane chura lo na
Sulgati pyaas hai to, machalti pyaas hai to
Ek Limca chura lo na
Kuch yadein aur sapne, apne chura lo na
Ruki si zindagi se
Thaki si zindagi se
Raftaarein chura lo na

(If you want the mp3 of this song, just leave a comment
I did some background reserch on its singer Caralisa Monteiro
Phir Dekhiye from Rock On is a song which I used to like and listen a lot last year, but never bothered to find out its singer..I think I'll now add her to my list of female singers to watch for along with Shilpa Rao ( ) and Rekha Bhardwaj ( ) )

2.)Vivel Shapoo Ad

Julf mahka hua mausam hai
Tapke(?) tu na dekhe koi
Isko ungli pe
lapeta na karo
unguthi na de de koi
(Who is the singer? Mohit Chauhan?)

3.)Parachute Advansed(why is "Advansed" used in the campaign , and not "Advanced"?) "Gorgeoush Hamesha"
Deepika Padukone
singer Mohit Chauhan
Lyrics Prasoon Joshi
Ad agency McCann Erickson

Pyaar mein ya phir kisi ke intzaar mein
tum to ho gorgeous hamesha
behas mein uljhi ho ya
khamosh khoi khoi
khel mein ya khawab khawab mein
tum to ho gorgeous hamesha

4.)Cadbury - Dairy Milk Advertisement with a girl doing dancing in a cricket field

Kucch khaas hai
Hum sabhi mein
Kucch baat hai
Hum sabhi mein
baat hai khaas hai
kucch swaad hai
kya swaad hai jindagi mein

ad agency:--Ogilvy and Mather

"The real taste of Life during the 80's Cadbury got stuck in a mindset trap, where it was perceived as something meant for the kids, something which was seen as an indulgent product and something which wasn?t meant for the adults. This led to Brand Stagnation and what was required was to break free of this mold and establish itself as something which could be enjoyed by people across age barriers.

Surveys revealed that chocolate and especially Cadbury was associated with joyous and carefree moments, and what was required was to blend these moments with those in the real life. The dawning of liberalization in the country also meant that the masses were yearning to break free from their shackles where the expression of one?s feelings was not considered taboo anymore.

It is in this background that the real taste of India ads were created for Cadbury. The ad shows a cricket match in action with a boundary required of the last ball to win the match and for the batsman to get his century. The batsman hits the last ball in the air as the crowd watches with bated breath, the fielder gets underneath the ball, a young lady in the galleries prays frantically for him to miss the ball. Much to the delight of the fans and the lady the balls sails over the boundary rope."

5.)jingle for Garden Sarees composed by A.R. Rahman before he came into film industry--featuring Lisa ray

Before closing this post, let me leave you with these two TV tunes

This is the Doordarshan signature tune which used to come in the morning

This is the iPOD ad


  1. Old videos and songs tend to invocate a nostalgic feeling.
    Brings memories of childhood and gone days back to mind when everything had a very strong impression.
    One nice addition to this page would be
    "Ek chidiya... anek chidiyaan..."
    Or some videos from
    "Heman", "Spiderman animation"
    And hey ho... if you can afford, maybe some pages from Nagraj, Dhruv comics too!!!
    One question though: do u remember all the lyrics above or you have copied them from somewhere?

  2. doordarshan, cadbury add...i remember those old school days when i was forced to go to tution in the chilly winter morning .. and only one luxury we poor chaps could afford in teachers home was-watch doordarshan for 10 much precious we felt it at that time.thanks.

    sunil mahadik,pune.

  3. Hey there.. You have asked to leave a comment if anybody needs the limca song mp3... Here is the comment... is where you can send the song.. looking forward to it...

  4. @The eye--I m a little busy now a days ... will give you the link of limca mp3 in a week or two. thanks for stopping by my blog
    @sachin & @sunil--thanks for your comments