Sunday, April 19, 2009

Song that moves you

15th August 200x
Morning 8:00-9:00 AM
I was sitting with a couple of friends talking about general stuff. Our discussion veered towards independence day and then we started to talk about our favorite patriotic songs. Then, one of my friends, who is a good singer, said, " Let me sing you the opening lines of this song and you decide whether it ought not to be the greatest patriotic song from Bollywood". He took a piece of paper and pen to recall and write down the lyrics. And then he sang. What a performance! Whether it was the occasion or it was the overall effect of his singing these wonderful lines-- I'm not too sure. But I was never moved by hearing anyone singing live till that day(not that I have heard too many live songs). You listen to this song and tell me your opinion of it. While the jury may still be out deciding the greatest patriotic song, one thing is sure, this song will be a serious contender.

Jab zero Diya Mere Bharat Ne
Bharat Ne Mere Bharat ne
Duniya ko tab ginti aayi
Taaron ki bhasha Bharat ne
Duniya ko pehle sikhlayi
Deta na dashmalav Bharat to
yun chaand pe jana mushkil tha
dharti aur chaand ki duri ka
andaja lagana mushkil tha
sabhyata jahan pehle aayi-2
pehle janmi hai jahan pe kala
apna Bharat woh Bharat hai
jiske picche sansaar chala
sansar chala aur aage badha
yun aage badha badhta hi gaya
bhagwan kare yeh aur badhe
badhta hi rahe aur phoole phale-2

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