Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday watched this movie ... was laughing almost continuously ....
thought of writing about this movie but I think this writer has stolen words and ideas from my mind...:-) very good review about equally good movie..

review of 99

never thought that I would see climax of some movie being shot in Palika Bazar..

that "neha or pooja" scene was acutely funny :-)

director's sense of detailing is mind-boggling..

most of the movie is set in the period December 1999-March 2000 and
during this time movie Takshak was released . A R Rahman was the music director and songs were very good . One of the songs had Alisha Chinoy singing for Rahman ( probably they have teamed up only once for this ). Song is very peppy but suffers on-screen with atrocious picturization and choreography. Thankfully, you can always use the good old winamp and just enjoy the song.


But hold on, why am I talking about this song in this post? Just keep your ears open for the songs playing in taxi in the movie 99 ( in the scene when Kunal Khemu and Cyrus take the dollar filled suitcase from Boman ( given by "Jonomdin :-) ") and are going in taxi...)

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