Friday, June 5, 2009

Once Upon A Time in Noida

This actually happened on some Friday in July 2004 and I wrote this that day..(was lying in my sent mail)

My Gift Sack

Friday Morning ......Woke up at 10:30 AM after my alarm clock rang
third time from 9:00 AM(Was already late for my training ...)
.....Was getting ready for office as usual at 11:00 AM with my 125 rupees Radio
blaring one of the FM channels.....
Announcement from the anchor of program.."Ab pesh hai aapke liye
Mawana Sugar song.Apko hamein phone karke
batana hai is gaane
ki heroine ka naam aur aap jeet sakte hai gift vouchers".
nothing great.
I hear such announcements
at least 'n' number of times while listening to FM channels,
but looks like I was a little more crazy today than other days.
Song came,"main alebli ...ghoomuun akeli" from Zubeida....I tried
the FM my 11th try the
other side responded ..."Hi Red FM 93.5"" "Hi ...I wanted to tell the answer of
Mawana Sugar contest " "shoot...who is the heroine?"
"well .. Karisma Kapoor"
A pause "Congratulations.
Tell us ur name and Phone number....We will
shortly announce ur name .Please call after 3:00 PM
to know how to collect ur gift vouchers"....

3:00 PM Today

" Hi I am Byomkesh. I won the Mawana sugar
contest in the morning""
"I will give u the address ..Its ...Please collect ur gift voucher
between 10:00AM and 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday"
"Well thanks.........Just a small query....What is there in the gift voucher?"
A pause as if Arthur Connon Doyle is considering whether to
get to the denouement or write 50 more pages before revealing
then comes the reply "U have won 5 kgs of Mawana sugar!"

Did I hear it right?......5 kgs of Mawana sugar...come on.....
Looks like i am one of the flood hit residents
in Assam Bihar floods and they are providing me the
succour straight from Prime Minister's Relief Fund...No point in calling it gift voucher
5 kgs of sugar really need a gift sack...

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