Friday, July 24, 2009

Introduction to a dance performance

I wrote this on 18th July 2009 ( with ample help from Internet) as a prelude to my section's dance performance. Of course, with the time limit of 20 seconds in which I was to deliver it, it was massively edited. And thankfully so! With me finding it difficult to hold the audience attention in the abridged 20 seconds speech, I think I may not have needed to buy any new footwear for some time, had I continued this original, rambling piece.

We MBAs understand percentages and logarithms better than metaphors and similes. In that case, these are the numbers. 40 million infected. 4.5 million last year alone. 12 million orphans in Africa. 8000 deaths and 6000 new infections every single day. Yes! I am talking about AIDS.

AIDS is a classic example of self-goal scored by the human race against itself. And you know what was done to Escobar who scored a self-goal in 1994 World Cup. He was shot dead. Doesn't that mean the whole humanity should be brought before a firing squad for failing to spread the message of protection and non-discrimination?

Time is not lost. Marketing's STP says that to deliver your message choose your target segment-- 1.)promiscuous men, 2.)young MTV generation and 3.) MSM i.e. Men who have sex with men. Kotlar's fourth P Place says that we need to focus on places like parties, brothels and dance bars.

Different parts of our dance performance show these different target segments and places.

Friends! Let's enjoy the dance but keep the message in mind. Play Safe.


An afterthought:-- If you bring the whole humanity before the firing squad, who the hell will pull the trigger? ... :-)

Reference websites:--

Wiki article on Colombian footballer Escobar

Quote on AIDS by Princess Anne Ireland
(Rest of the second paragraph of the speech is my idea.)

facts of first paragraph

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  1. In your afterthought, you did sound like an MBA while you are starting out..Metaphor is a metaphor....let it be a metaphor..